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Experience healthy nutrition

What is my diet doing to me?

How does my diet affect my family?

What does my diet do to my environment?

The Kinsel game interactively teaches the basics about the influence of diet.

Together with school and family, it creates a new form of learning.

Die Kinsel App
Lernkonzept Ernährung

kINSELS concept

In the Kinsel app, children have the task to save their island.

The healthier their avatar's lifestyle, the better off they are. The avatar has to overcome hurdles, which are easier and faster to overcome together with the family. These and additional challenges are an essential part of the schools' teaching material.

To sum up, Kinsel integrates the children's whole environment in a motivating digital game with digital and analogue tasks.

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For children

Activities in the virtual world and in mini-games cost the avatar energy. With proper nutritional choices, the avatar can benefit for lasting energy, essential for play.

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OUR core values



Kinsel is designed to meet the needs of children, parents, and teachers. To this end, we are continuously expanding our network, with which we work closely.

If you want to become part of this network, you can find more information in 'Participate' in the headline.



Kinsel is based on current scientific knowledge. We protected them from being influenced by industrial and political interests.



Personal and transparent collaboration is an important part of Kinsel. Because your trust is important to us! We only leave trustworthy ones

Partners in our network who share our values and our vision.

Unsere Grundwerte
Unsere Partner

Be the first

Be part of every step of Kinsel's development and be involved in deciding what should and should not be included in the app.


Our partners

A big thanks to our partners for their support.

Business Liaison Chair "Youth, Health and Food" at Maastricht University
"The importance of a healthy diet to human and planetary health is still greatly underestimated. Research shows that the earlier you start positive nutritional interventions in a person's life, the deeper and longer-lasting the effects.

An efficient way to get involved is through the school curriculum, when children are quick learners and the benefit of changing parenting habits is greatest. That's why I support Klessen.

Not just because they picked up on this important topic, but also in a very intelligent way that classroom dynamics and gamification can help turn a potentially boring topic into a fun and impactful exercise. "

Joachim Schneider

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The Klessen blog


Startup incubator
Through our participation in the mountain accelerator program and a grant for the official coworking space, the Solingen start-up and technology center supports us in the further conception, as well as the first prototypes of Kinsel.

The coworking space offers optimal conditions to network and work together with other startups, companies and service providers.

Coworkit Solingen


In our articles, you will get scientifically proven insights into a healthy lifestyle. For you and for your family.

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