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5 creative ideas for the Easter days

Easter used to be egg coloring, egg hunts and finding a chocolate bunny with chocolate eggs as an extra. But the demands have increased: Easter is supposed to be an event, just like the one of childrens best friend. This is stressful.

Children with easter basket and bunny ears are happy

To make Easter more exciting besides the egg hunt and without big preparations, we have summarized 5 ideas for you:

  1. Bunny parents vs. bunny kids Old traditions like egg coloring are fun and also make us grown-ups feel really small again. Hach, nostalgia <3 But that doesn't mean we shouldn't adapt traditions to 2022. Before we get to egg coloring, we dress up as bunnies with homemade costumes. For this, we recommend a bunny hat with a bunny face make up. Nach der fleißigen Arbeit an den Eiern geht der Wettbewerb los! Haseneltern gegen Hasenkinder. Die zuvor bemalten Eier werden für die gegnerischen Hasen versteckt. Die Hasen, die alle von den Gegnern versteckten Eier zuerst finden, haben gewonnen. After the hard work on the eggs, the competition starts! Rabbit parents against rabbit children. The previously painted eggs are hidden for the opposing bunnies. The bunnies who find all the eggs hidden by the opponents first are the winners.

  2. Easter in bermuda islands We don't want to persuade you to fly to Bermuda with your family for Easter. But you can bring the Bermuda Islands to your home. In Bermuda it is a tradition to fly kites at Easter. These are built especially for this day. If the wind is good this Easter, then you can make your own Easter kite together and let it glide into the air. For this you only need to buy the utensils mentioned in the instructions and do the rest together with your family on Easter days.

  3. Crack and hap To make sure that not only the chocolate eggs but also the painted Easter eggs are consumed, we suggest you doing this game. For this, two players bump the tops of their Easter eggs against each other. The Easter egg that cracks and breaks first lost and must be eaten.

  4. Egg nudging You need a free distance of about 5 to 7 meters for this. The start and finish points can be easily marked with an Easter basket, shoe or other objects. Quickly check the stopwatch on your cell phone and make sure that the egg is hard-boiled. Then you’re ready to go! The players must use their noses to nudge their egg to the finish line as quickly as possible. But beware. If they start at the same time, there might be collisions ;)

  5. Zwänzgerle Finally, we travel to Switzerland for Easter. In Zurich and the surrounding area, children can traditionally increase their pocket money at Easter. Here parents play against children. The children hold a hard-boiled and peeled egg in their hands. The parents have to try to hit the egg with a coin. If the coin sticks, the parents get the egg. If the coin doesn’t hit it, the child gets the money.

Making Easter a small event can be one thing: great fun. It’s a chance to spend quality time with the family away from the daily grind. In the process, creative ideas and very unique family traditions that your kids can look forward to outshining almost any chocolate bunny.

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