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A nudge to a healthy lifestyle

Sweeter, more colorful, bigger, more fatty. Many children find it difficult to resist. Constantly saying no, but you can't either. What if they ask you so sweetly with their big, googly eyes to eat just a little piece of chocolate? But what can you do about it?

The so-called nudging can help.

Nudging is defined as measures that change people's behavior without prohibitions or financial incentives. So you “nudge” them into a desired behavior. Nudging is becoming more and more popular in school canteens. But already at home you can nudge your children to adopt healthier eating habits.

There are different forms. Behavioral nudges are most effective. This includes, for example, always having fruit and vegetables available or keeping portion sizes small. Since there are so many different nudges, we wrote you a guide. You can choose the nudges that suit you best.

Klessens Nudgingguide für Eltern
Download PDF • 345KB

Reference: Cadario, R., & Chandon, P. (2019). Which healthy eating nudges work best? A meta-analysis of field experiments. Marketing Science

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