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The golden 3: vitamin D, calcium, & magnesium

The sun vitamin D has a special characteristic. By spending time at the fresh air we can form it ourselves and only have to consume about 20% via food.

But this is also the problem for us northern Europeans: the sun does not always shine enough, especially in such overcast weather as we are having at the moment.

Especially for children, vitamin D is critical, as it regulates calcium levels and is therefore essential for bone and tooth formation. In addition, there is growing evidence that vitamin D can reduce autoimmune diseases, asthma and allergies. These include diabetes and skin or food allergies.

Therefore, a high intake of fatty fish or oils should be consumed during overcast periods or in winter, which contain high levels of Vitamin D. If this is not possible, food supplements can be a good alternative after consulting a physician. However, in order to get the full benefit of vitamin D, the body needs sufficient magnesium.

Why is magnesium so important for vitamin D?

Our body stores vitamin D in a certain form, which it cannot actively use for metabolic processes. Therefore, this storage form must be converted into another form when active vitamin D is needed. Two proteins that are magnesium-dependent are involved in this process.

Magnesium, vitamin D and calcium are therefore all interdependent. A deficiency in one place leads to a kind of chain reaction that also results in deficiencies in another place. That is why it is especially important for children to eat a diet that does not lead to deficiencies and to have their levels checked regularly.


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