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Help, my child eats no vegetables!

You know that everything that looks healthy is at least viewed with skepticism by the child, if not even spurned.

But how can I ensure that the little ones still eat enough fiber?

Cold noodles are a super simple way! During the cooling process, the “simple carbohydrates” turn into more complex compounds. These get into the intestinal tract and can do their good job there!

If you want to intensify this effect again, you can use whole wheat pasta. These naturally have more fiber.

Pasta salad is perfect for this trick. It can also be prepared the day before.

Here is a simple recipe for 2-3 servings:

250g pasta

200g tomatoes

6 sun-dried tomatoes

(Olive) oil

(Balsamic) vinegar



A pinch of sugar

Pine nuts or other seeds / nuts

Boil the pasta and let it cool. During this time, prepare the dressing with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Briefly toast the pine nuts in the pan. Mix everything together and refrigerate.

And what was fiber again good for? Much of the fiber is not digested. This has several advantages.

1. You decrease the calorie density of foods. In other words, we fill up earlier and eat less.

2. They stimulate the bowel movement. An active intestine ensures lots of good bacteria and stimulated digestion.

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