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Meal-Prep, but different!

Please not another blog about Meal-Prep!!! Yes, it is, simply because it can be so super helpful.

Meal-Prep is a trend that has been going on for a while now. Yes, you can get annoyed when 20 different influencers promise you that with their Meal-Prep plan, all your worries will disappear into thin air.

Of course, that's not the case. And especially with children, it is not feasible to prepare the food for the rest of the week on Sunday. Because I know it still from me as a child, 3 days the same food does not go at all (except it is noodles). Additionally, planning so long in advance is a problem. You do not know what you want to eat, or the opinion has also changed very quickly.

But how else should it go? A flexible Meal-Prep Plan is a great start. That means you roughly think about what you want to eat in the coming week and create a kind of modular system.

For example, this can look like this: There should be 2 times a meal with potatoes 3 times with pasta and 2 times with rice. These ingredients can all be pre-cooked and keep in the refrigerator. Around this basis, now the dishes are built. Here, too, a modular system can be used. 3 times there should be salad, 2 times oven vegetables, 1 time cooked broccoli and 1 time a vegetable pan.

The last thing to consider is what protein sources will be sat throughout the week. Meat, fish, lentils, beans and chickpeas would give about a good balance.

If you now have a rough plan, you can write a structured shopping list and do not have to start every day at 0 to think about what to cook. Instead, you have some parts already prepared and can add the others individually.

This saves time and nerves but does not limit food choice too much and still remains varied. :)

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